Welcome to iTranscript360!

CloudZon (formerly Global MedData) has supplied fast, accurate and cost-effective Medical Transcription Services to Hospitals, Clinics, GPs and other healthcare providers in the UK and USA for over 10 years. We specialise in medical transcription, but also provide non-medical transcription services to Financial, Legal and Academic sectors.

With the introduction of our new iTranscript360 system, we now offer even greater flexibility and choice. With improved document and data management a streamlined user interface and a unique hybrid system offers either instant auto-transcription, by advanced voice recognition software, or the experience and expertise of our professional transcription teams.

The iTranscript360 system is fully HIPAA and DPA compliant and provides for the entire transcription life cycle, with progress monitored from the moment files are uploaded until the fully-formatted documents are downloaded. Our improved data management system can easily be integrated with your existing record keeping software and our modular approach allows for complete customisation with personalised templates, fonts, headers, sign-offs, etc.

We have always been fast, accurate and cost-effective, but with the introduction of our new iTranscript360 system we now feel confident that we are quite possibly:

  • the most cost-effective transcription service available
  • the most accurate transcription service available
  • the fastest transcription service available

But don't just take our word for it - contact our team right away to arrange a free 30 day trial and judge for yourself.

Our Services

accurate transcription services


Use your digital voice recorder (DVR) or iTranscripterâ„¢ to capture your dictation, then simply attach the DVR to a computer and your audio file will be automatically uploaded.

audio Transcription Services


Our team of transcribers listen to all voice files using advanced voice software to prepare your files, which are then checked for accuracy by our Quality Assurance team.

medical Transcription Services


Email notification tells you when completed documents are ready to be reviewed online or downloaded to your local computer. For important documents, files can be ready to go within 6 hours of uploading!