iTranscript360: Medical Transcription Services by CloudZon (formerly Global MedData).

With over ten years of experience in the healthcare industry, we are among the leading suppliers of accurate and cost-effective medical transcription services to hospitals and healthcare providers in the UK and USA.

With the introduction of our improved document and data management system, iTranscript360, we are now even better equipped to meet all your medical transcription needs.

We Are Fast

We work to meet your deadlines. Depending on urgency, we return fully-formatted transcripts within 6, 12, 24 or 48 hours.

For very urgent documents you can select our new Auto-Transcribe option with advanced voice recognition for instant results.

We Are Flexible

iTranscript360 is accessible over the web with no software installation required. Voice files can be uploaded or documents accessed from any browser at any time.

Our modular approach allows for complete customisation with fully formatted templates, fonts, headers, sign-offs, etc.

iTranscript360 can integrate seamlessly with NHS patient information management system (PiMS) and other document management/client record systems.

We Are Cost Effective

We charge no start-up or maintenance costs: all you need is a digital voice recorder (DVR) or a smartphone (see FAQs below) and access to a web browser - or you can call our telephone dictation facility.

We charge per line, meaning you pay only for what we type with no hidden costs.

We can cover all your medical transcription needs, or you can just call on us when you need us to:

  • Reduce backlogs
  • Cover for staff absences
  • Help out at times of heavy workload

We Are Accurate

For medical transcription, accuracy is paramount. We aim to provide an accurate transcription service that is better than the industry standard of 98.5% accuracy. Our quality assurance (QA) procedures are governed by guidelines issued by the American Association of Medical Transcription (AAMT), but to ensure the best quality possible we have also added an extra tier to our QA model, so files are further checked by dedicated teams in the UK and the US to ensure that we are the most accurate transcription service available.

Our online editing system allows you to review and approve files in one easy process. The associated audio file is activated upon opening a document, with inaudible words tagged to allow immediate audio playback at that point in the transcription. Once a file is approved and saved, corrections are fed back to our team to ensure continuous improvement in accuracy.

We Are Secure

  • Authentication: User accounts are only accessible with the required user-password.
  • Authorization: Each user account is a member of a larger corporate account. The corporate account administrator assigns privileges to its users, so only authorised persons can perform specific activities on behalf of the organisation.
  • Privacy: All web communication is performed over an encrypted channel.
  • Firewall Protection: CISCO firewall protects our internal network from intruders or hackers.
  • Redundant Data Protection: Hewlett-Packard Compaq servers with mirrored hard drives for secure archive storage.
  • Daily Data Back-up: Daily data back-up and monthly back-up to DVD (securely stored off-site) to protect against data loss.
  • Latest Virus Protection: Updated regularly.
  • Strictly Confidential: All staff members are bound by strict confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, with a privacy officer at each of our data processing facilities to implement security and confidentiality policies and procedures. We are fully compliant with Data Protection Act (1998) and HIPAA (1996).

We Are Here to Help

Our support staff are on hand to deal with any problems, and will respond without delay to requests by email or telephone.

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3rd Floor, St. George's House,
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Leicester,LE1 1SH,UK.

Phone: +448452578024

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are charges calculated?

Rates are based on a line count of 65 keystrokes per line. A keystroke is any letter, number, space, symbol or function key. You pay only for what is actually typed.

Digital Voice Recorder or Smartphone?

We can process any type of digital audio recording, but files recorded on a Smartphone such as .m4a or .ogg files are very large and slow to upload, whereas compressed formats such as .dss or .ds2 will upload in moments. When we receive large files we will convert and store them in a compressed format. Feel free to contact our support staff for further advice on different DVR file types.

What about non-medical transcription?

We specialise in medical transcription, but also undertake general non-medical transcription work in any area.